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Friday, January 9, 2015

Nexus Root Toolkit v2.0.0 (how to root nexus-how to unlock bootloader nexus)

I- Select the correct device and build (what you are currently running)
II- Configure your drivers if you haven’t already using the driver guide (If you aren’t sure use Step 3 of the driver guide to test your drivers).
III- If you need to, backup your important data.
IV- Unlock your device
V- Root your device
Thats All

All thanks to Wugfresh

Supported Nexus devices:

· Galaxy Nexus: GSM Models (both yakju and 

non-yakju builds)
· Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Verizon Models
· Galaxy Nexus: CDMA/LTE Sprint Models
· Nexus S: Worldwide, i9020t and i9023 Models
· Nexus S: 850MHz, i9020a Models
· Nexus S: Korea, m200 Models
· Nexus S 4G: d720 Models
· Nexus 7: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 3G: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 v2 (2013): Asus Tablet
· Nexus 7 v2 (2013) LTE: Asus Tablet
· Nexus 10: Samsung Tablet
· Nexus 4: LG Phone
· Nexus 5: LG Phone
· Nexus 9: HTC Wifi Tablet
· Nexus 6: Motorola Phone

Download Nexus Toolkit [Click HERE]


Download [Mirror]